Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable – Review

AT-LP1240 - The best turntable under 500 dollars

Looking for a high quality turntable for around 400 dollars? Check our review of the Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB!

This is not our first Audio Technica turntable review and most probably not the last one neither. The reason is simple: they offer some of the most popular ones available on the market today.

This review focuses on the pro and disadvantages of their AT-LP1240 model. Frankly, when we picked the best turntable (Audio Technica AT-LP120), it was a tough decision. Finally we didn’t choose the AT-LP1240-USB because of its price. Not everyone can afford it. It is almost twice the price of the AT-LP120. Certainly, it is also in a different league but when we picked the best of the best we also had to take into consideration the price factor.

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Technical details

  • USB output – connects directly to your computer; includes Audacity software
  • Direct drive high-torque multi-pole motor
  • Selectable 33/45/78 RPM speeds
  • 17.7 x 6.6 x 13.9 inches ; 27.6 pounds
  • Professional features for DJ use in nightclubs, touring and mobile applications
  • Drive Method: Direct drive


Simply put, one of the very best turntables and also one of the best yet and affordable DJ turntables. It is built of great materials, such as aluminium and high quality plastic, as a result it has no reliability issues at all.

It plays at all existing speeds, so you can play all types of vinyls on it. This is also one of the advantages of the AT-LP1240 against some of its competitors which are only able to play at 2 different speeds and not at 3.

The cartridge that comes with it stock is really good, meaning that unlike in the case of many other turntables, if you buy this one you won’t need to upgrade any part of it. It has a really smooth motor as well that plays a big role in the great sound quality the AT-LP1240 produces.

As already mentioned, it is basically advertised as a DJ turntable which means that it is meant to be used by DJs. As for DJ turntables, it is among the cheaper ones. So if you are DJ looking for an entry level turntable, this is one to consider. However, if you are looking for something serious probably you should look for a more professional one. Certainly, it will cost a lot more. However, although it is said to be a DJ turntable by Audio Technica, we look at it more like at a device for personal use in your home.

It has an USB output, which is kind of standard in this price range but we can still look at it as a Pro compared to many other record players, mostly from the lower price ranges. Due to this USB output, you can easily transfer music from your favourite vinyls to your PC/Mac.

Audio Technica AT LP 1240 USB - 2nd image

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When you read customer reviews about Audio Technica products, most of the critics are about its price tag. Many think they are a little bit overpriced. We disagree with this. Not just because “you get what you pay for” but also because we believe once you buy a turntable it is worth investing a bit more money and buy a really good quality one. You don’t buy turntables each year, right? So, why wouldn’t you buy one that gives you quality amusement and is reliable so that you can enjoy it for a long time?! And this is exactly what the AT-LP1240 gives you: quality entertainment. Obviously this doesn’t come cheap.

Apart from the price, which as written above, according to us is not an actual con, we cannot really mention anything. Even if you have really high expectations, you won’t get disappointed. If there is such thing as a perfect turntable, it has to be the Audio Technica AT-LP1240-USB.


In case you are ready to spend around 400 bucks on a record player you’re in quite a difficult situations. Of course, not because there aren’t any good options but there are actually too many. Rega RP1, Pro-Ject Debut Carbon or Teac TN-300. It is not an easy job to choose from such a good list. As we wrote at the end of the review about the TN-300, we personally would pick this masterpiece from Audio Technica as we think this to have the best value for money and we also like its design the most.

We would recommend you to pick one of its direct competitors only in one case: if you like another one’s design more.

AT-LP1240 - 3rd image

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