Our Genuine Review of The Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB

The best record player in its price tag.

Some words about Audio Technica

Since the advent of more recent sound recording and producing technology, the best quality sound has always been the goal. Having spent more then 50 years working towards that goal though an incredible array of music devices, Audio-Technica works to push the boundaries again and again with every release. Balancing performance, price, and quality, Audio-Technica is one step closer with its releases of the AT LP-120. Lets take a moment to review the AT LP-120 and see if it really stands up to Audio-Technica’s level of quality as well as other competitors.

Pros of the Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB

The Audio Technica at lp120 represents the next in the line of professional, direct-drive turntables.   Perfect for music enthusiasts who want a solid turntable to DJ’s looking to either replace or expand their equipment, the AT LP-120 continues a solid reputation of design and craftsmanship seen in many other Audio-Technica products. Unlike other turntables, the AT LP-120 does not have the typical humming sound that has to be worked around when used. In addition, the power supply and on/off button are straightforward and easy to use. Finally, the AT LP-120 comes in a sleek and streamlined container, emphasizing function over form and keeping the overall appearance cool and neat with a silver finish and black leg stubs.

Able to play 78’s as well, the AT LP-120 has a great deal of versatility, support with external software, and in-built cable hubs capable of allowing you to record and sample what you produce on your computer yourself. Forward and reverse play help you mix up the music you create, allowing you to create new variations on sound easily. With all of this support included in the AT LP-120 purchase, it is easy to see why the AT LP-120 maintains a high favor-ability across the board.


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Cons of the AT LP-120

One of the greatest complaints against the AT LP-120 is the price. Ranging from $250 to $300, the AT LP-120 is not an inexpensive piece of technology. Anyone looking to purchase one will want to carefully consider his or her options prior to the purchase. In addition, assembly is another problem. Shipped in a number of pieces that requires some assembly at the start, reading the instructions twice before beginning is absolutely critical if you want to make sure it is set up and working properly. The tone arm adjustment has also been a cause of concern as people have reported challenges in tuning it correctly.

Besides these minor problems, the only other cons associated with the AT LP-120 has to deal with a low rate of defective parts being sent with the AT LP-120. Whether it is a non-functioning power adaptor, missing cable, or it is somehow dead on arrival, these problems can be easily fixed by working with Audio-Technica directly sending the AT LP-120 back.

Top Reasons of Buying The “AT LP-120”

With a manageable size and just over 20 pounds, the Audio Technica at lp120 is lightweight and easy to carry around. Storing well in most spaces, the AT LP-120 can be brought quickly and effectively to a venue, set up with ease, and used with little to no prior setup. By replacing the cords that come with the AT LP-120, you can greatly increase how far away you can set up the AT LP-120, utilizing its range of jacks to connect to other devices. Along with a stylish and professional design, the AT LP-120 is the perfect addition to your music equipment and play type.

The AT LP-120 also comes with a great deal of support. Along with the instructions that carefully cover how you should set up the AT LP-120 after it arrives, there is also audio software for PC and Mac designed to allow you to connect and record what you are listening to. Along with phone, online, and forum support, any question you may have can be answered regarding how you can use and set up the AT LP-120.

In the end, what makes AT LP-120 truly worthwhile is the high quality of sound and ease of use related to its price. While there are options out there that outstrip the AT LP-120, they are significantly larger and much more expensive. As a result, AT LP-120 remains a smart choice for it features, size, quality of sound, ease of use, and ability to be transported without much trouble.


Most Important Features

With a 3-speed, fully manual operation, the AT LP-120 can come in 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM, and 78 RPM. 18’ by 14’ by 6’ in size, the AT LP-120 is relatively small and straight to the point. Weighing in at 23.5 pounds, it is an incredibly solid piece of musical engineering designed towards producing a high quality sound and experience. Along with an electric brake system, USB functionality, pitch variation, output levels, and die-cast aluminum turntable platform, the AT LP-120 also comes with a headshell/cartridge, an AC line cord, dual female RCA, stereo adapter cable, 45-RPM adapter, USB cable, and recording software.

How To Use it?

One of the major cons associated with the Audio Technica at lp120 is in its initial setup. Be sure to take extra time before assembly and make sure that you have thoroughly read the instructions prior to beginning the process. If the box is lacking the instructions, then you can find them online. Once set up, you will need to connect your AT LP-120 to your computer in order to set up recording. This will involve downloading the appropriate software or installing from disc. With that done, the instructions continue by reviewing the basic of turntable usage as well as best practices regarding what you should and should not do with the device.


The AT LP-120 is small, lightweight compared to other turntables, and highly functional for the price. Providing relatively easy use and a clear sound, the AT LP-120 is weakest when it comes to assembly and minor problems that may come up due to either damage or faulty parts. That being said, the AT LP-120 is a strong contender for turntables and a definite consideration if you are in the market.

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