Our Review of The Pro-ject Debut Carbon

Our Review of The Pro-ject Debut Carbon

A name synonymous with quality both local and abroad, Pro-Ject Audio Systems has worked to make a name for itself with painstakingly crafted turntables, tonearms, cartridges, phone electronics, Vinyl Lp, and accessories backed by their signature warranty. Having released newer lines of some of their most classic music equipment, Pro-Ject hopes to continue expanding on its legacy for years to come.

With that in mind, lets take a moment to examine everything having to do with the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. A result of more then 50 years of European collaboration, the Pro-Ject Audio Systems hopes to be the best in its price and size categories.

Pros of the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Unlike other turntables available in this range, the Pro-Ject DC is easier to setup and significantly more straightforward once it arrives. Probably the most talked about feature, the sound quality coming form the Pro-Ject DC is incredible. Bringing new life to music, the Pro-Ject DC sounds crisp and clear. In addition, its small size and low weight make transporting it around easy and convenient. Unlike larger setups that require significantly more effort, the Pro-Ject DC is straightforward in use and can be easily learned for those unfamiliar with the process.

At around $400, the Pro-Ject DC fits perfectly into those who want a record player with great quality but who do not want to spend upwards of a thousand dollars more in order to get something better. Utilizing European craftsmanship and attention to detail, the Pro-Ject DC is among the best of its kind, backing assertions as to its quality with a warranty.

The final thing that stands out is the look and feel. Simple and elegant, the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon may at first appear to be too basic. However, with its to-the-point design, playing records is easy and having the Pro-Ject DC work with wherever it is placed is simple.

Cons of the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

While covered under warranty, some of the greatest cons regarding the Pro-Ject DC are in parts wearing down. While the overall sound is uniformly great among those who bought the Pro-Ject DC, some people have had to replace several parts that gradually give out to ware and tare. This can include the mat, the interconnects, the clamp, and the wiring as well as the arm. Another major problem people have had is that the Pro-Ject DC does not always ship with every part fully working. Because you are sent a series of parts as opposed to a fully constructed turntable, there is a greater chance that one of the parts may not be working correctly when you install. Either way, you will have to contact Pro-Ject Audio Systems and request either a refund or new parts, which can be a hassle.


What are The Actual Benefits of using this Turntable?

With all of the pros and cons considered, the main benefits o fusing the Pro-Ject DC over other comparative products is the warranty and low cost. As stated before, getting much better sound quality involves investing three times or more in the next level of equipment. At the same time, the warranty provided when purchasing the Pro-Ject DC from an authorized dealer will help cover the costs of anything that needs to be replaced until the coverage ends.

Along with being able to enjoy better sound quality at home, the Pro-Ject DC is light enough and small enough to easily carry with you, allowing you to bring this sound wherever you go. From dazzling family and friends to increasing the quality of sound at parties, the Pro-Ject DC is the perfect musical companion.

List of features

With an 8.6-inch carbon tonearm, the Pro-Ject DC is roughly 415 by 118 by 320 millimeters in size with the lid closed. Weighing less then the competition at 16.1 pounds, the Pro-Ject DC features increased plate size with more weight, Ortofen 2M Red cartridge, new sorbothane motor suspension, and a precision belt with synchronous motor. Backed by an incredible warranty when purchased from either Pro-Ject Audio Systems directly or through one of their distributers, you can be guaranteed of the quality of this product. There is also the sleek black design that blends professionally into any setup, allowing for amateur and professional use. Differing speeds require a separate speedbox purchased from Pro-Ject Audio Systems.

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How to use the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Once the Pro-Ject DC arrives, it is best to carefully read through the provided instructions, or look up the instructions if none are provided. With an average setup time of 15 minutes, you will have to pop the weight on, take the stylus cover off, balance it, and return it to rest. When done slowly and carefully, you can then put the anti-skate weight on, dial it up to 1.75 grams, belt, platter, cover, and then felt with no problems coming up. You can verify the weight and power up to test out after that.

Once set up, using the Pro-Ject DC is straightforward. Simply place the disc in, lower the arm and tell it to start. With a great sound, you will be listening to your favorite songs like never before. Consult instructions for fine-tuning the device.


Pro-Ject Audio Systems survives off its legacy for providing top quality music devices that are as accessible and easy to use today as they were decades before. Streamlining their design and emphasizing simplicity, the Pro-Ject DC represent the company’s next step in remaining both valid to a changing music scene while also releasing a product that is as tested and functional as others in the Pro-Ject Audio Systems line. While there are certainly some problems associated with the Pro-Ject DC, the warranty as well as excellent sound produced more then makes up for the hassle that some purchasers have had to deal with. In short, the Pro-Ject DC is an excellent choice for the cost and category.