A guide to select the best turntable available

Turntables are very famous music playing devices, and they are bought by music lovers so that they can play all their favorite vinyl records with them. So, if you are a music enthusiast, even you should purchase one. Because the vinyl records are a great way to listen to music thanks to the quality and crisp music it gives. However, if you do not have any prior history of buying the device or the gadget, then you can always rely on this guide. As, here, we will tell you and advice you on how to select the most practical, perfect, and the best turntable for yourself. And, as there are many turntables in the market, so you cherish this guide.

  • Select a turntable according to your budget:

Now, pre-selecting a budget before buying anything is important, and when you are looking for a turntable, same goes. If you want, you can always go for old turntables, which have vintage styling, and they are relatively cheap. But, the modern ones are expensive because they come with various connection points and accessories. So, keep a budget beforehand.

  • Choosing between belt drives and direct drives:

Now, as you know, the plate where the vinyl record lays gets rotated thanks to a motor. And, in belt drives, the motor is located on the side, whilst with the direct drive; the motor is located beneath the plate. DJ’s use direct drive because you can turn the record by hand, and music lovers generally use belt ones. So, it is up to you.

  • Going for automatic or manual:

Because of modern technology, it is now possible to have automatic turntables. And, this has made decision making more difficult for potential buyers. Automatic turntables are easy to use; the manual ones give that authentic touching of ‘cuing’. So, it is actually up to you.