Guidelines in Organizing a Record Collection

If you’re interested in organizing a record collection, you’ll find that there are some rules that you may follow in order to get a better result. While alphabetizing the entire collection based on artist name/band name is probably the most sensible way to begin, there is more that you can do in order to keep your collection in impeccable order.

The best way to mentally collect yourself before you begin is to think about the layout of your favorite record store.

Consider Organizing by Musical Genre

If your collection is really extensive, you may want to take some tips from the local record store by arranging things the way that the record store’s staff members do. After all, record stores want customers to be able to find things easily, so they know how to create collections which are easy to sort through. This is why they arrange music by genre and then alphabetically. If your collection is large enough, you should probably do the same…

So, with a small collection, arranging by artist/band name is probably fine. For a large collection, breaking the records into genre and then arranging them by artist/band name, as records stores do, will be the key to success.

In terms of genres, again, give some thought to the local record store, where Heavy Metal, Rock, Pop, Punk, Jazz, House, R & B may all be separated into different racks. There are plenty of genres, so we won’t list them all here. The genres which are represented in your collection should be very easy to determine.

Once you’ve figured out your larger arrangement, be it alphabetical or genre (and then alphabetical), you’ll be able to move onto the next step, which is organizing each band/artist.

This is pretty easy – most people do it by record name. For example, if you’re collecting Smashing Pumpkins records, Deux Ex Machina will come before Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. If you’re collecting Duran Duran, Rio will come before Seven and the Ragged Tiger. So, sort every artist based on record name. If record names are numbers, which is sometimes the case, the number titles should be placed ahead of the letter titles.

When you follow our tips, you’ll get a professional result and you won’t need to spend too much time maintaining your system. As long as you put records back in the correct places after you’ve listened to them, you should access a record store level of organization.

Why Not Arrange Your Records Today?

Some people arrange their collections in milk crates, while some people with more money, such as Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page, have special rooms with wall cabinets which are specially designed in order to showcase their records. Others may have some money to spend on housing their records, but not as much as Jimmy Page!

If you want creative ideas about how to store your records at home, just do a Google search. You’ll find that there are ingenious solutions out there and one of them may be exactly what you’re looking for!