How to Choose the Best Record Player Brand/Model?

Stanton T62, another great DJ turntable, worth buying

If you’re interested in buying a new turntable, you may wonder how to find a brand/model which offers great sound quality, as well as great value for the money. To help you comparison-shop effectively, we’ve compiled a practical quick guide which is loaded with sensible shopping tips.

Once you’ve read our guide, you’ll be empowered as a consumer and you’ll be ready to find the ideal record player for your needs.

Look at Styles Online

You won’t need to pound the pavement in order to find an exceptional turntable which fits your desired price point and has all of your desired features. You will just need to perform some targeted Google searches in order to access the most impressive search engine results.

So, before you even begin, stop for a moment and think about what you want. If you’re interested in economy, use the search term “cheap record player”. If you want something with all of the bells and whistles, search for “high-end record player”.

Modifying search terms is really the key to saving time. You’ll get results for products which are in line with what you’re looking for! This approach will help you to avoid looking at turntables which are way out of your price range or too inexpensive to suit your needs.

Turntables are available at budget, mid-range and high-end price tags.

Do You Want a Used Record Player?

Another thing to think about as you put together your search terms is whether you want a new or used record player. If you do want a used product, definitely add the word “used record player” to your Google search terms. Otherwise, you’ll probably just get results for new record players.

Some people prefer used turntables as they think that these old-school record players provide better sound. Others like them because they are often cheaper than new designs. Those who prefer new models usually appreciate the fact that their performance is more reliable. After all, they are fresh out of the box. In addition, even though they may indeed cost more than used record players, they are often bestowed with high-tech features, such as the ability to copy vinyl sounds into digital files.

Knowing whether you want a new or used record player will make it easier to streamline the hunt online.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to get started with searching for the perfect record player. Another thing to consider is the reputation of the manufacturer, the price versus comparable models and the warranty which is offered on the product. New turntables will usually come with warranties, while older models will not. If you do need repairs, it’s safe to say that having a warranty in place will be a very good thing. So, this is something else to think about while you answer the question, “old or new”!

Now that you know how to shop, why not look around for the ideal turntable today? Finding it may be as easy as adding the right search terms to the Google search engine.