How to Choose the Best Record Player – Some Tips for Potential Customers

audiotechnica-ATLP120 - Turntable at its best

If you’re in the market for a new record player, you should know that careful comparison-shopping will be the key to getting a truly great deal. In order to help you find the perfect model, we’ve created a practical quick guide which features a few smart tips…

Do You Want New or Old?

First off, it’s important to get a general sense of what you want. It is definitely best to do this before you begin the comparison-shopping process. For example, you may want to decide whether a new or old turntable is your preference. Old turntables are usually, but not always, cheaper, and some people think that they provide better sound, too! However, old turntables may not work as efficiently as new turntables.

As well, new turntables often come with high-tech features – for example, some of them will allow users to create digital files of their vinyl records, which is obviously pretty cool!

The value in deciding early on whether you want new or old is that you may streamline your comparison-shopping. By focusing on new or old, you’ll be able to avoid checking out a lot of record players that just don’t suit your needs. You’ll be ready to focus on turntables that really deliver.

What’s Your Budget Like?

Next, you should probably think about your budget. It’s possible to use online comparison-shopping services, such as, in order to search for products by price range. This type of service may save you a lot of time, as it pulls up products from a host of online suppliers. This can be a good way to check out turntables via the World Wide Web. Searching by price point will save you time as you won’t waste time looking at designs which cost too little or too much.

If you have a lot to spend on a new turntable, you should go for a turntable from one of the world’s premier manufacturers – Bose and Pioneer are examples. After all, these manufacturers provide cutting-edge style, as well as superior sound and a host of impressive, high-tech features.

If you’re really going to invest in something special, be sure it’s made by one of the best companies around. There are plenty of good manufacturers and you may check out the reputations of manufacturers before you make a final decision, just to be sure you’re buying from the best. The truth is that checking out manufacturers will make sense no matter how much you plan to spend. It’s extra insurance against a bad deal.

Lastly, don’t forget to read a lot of customer reviews before you order a new or old record player online. There are tons of reviews out there and checking them will assist you in getting valuable insight about models. You may find that something which looks like a great deal just doesn’t measure up well for actual customers, or vice versa. has tons of reviews and so do review websites, such as

Once you’ve followed these steps, you should be able to find what’s exactly right for your needs.