How to Clean a Turntable?

It’s important to keep a turntable clean. The rationale behind regular cleaning is that it will help to clear away the dust and debris which are triggered by static electricity. Vinyl records cause static electricity to form and this is why turntables tend to get dusty rapidly.

However, you may rest assured that it’s very easy to clean a record player, so getting into the habit of taking care of your turntable won’t require a lot of time or effort. Our tips will help you to master the art and science of cleaning your record player…

You’ll Need Certain Supplies

In order to get the job done right, in a truly efficient manner, you’ll need to buy certain supplies. For example, you’ll need to purchase a stylus cleaning brush. This tool may be utilized in order to clean the needle of your record player.

A stylus is the tip of the needle and it’s usually made of diamond. It touches the grooves of records so it really needs proper care. If you don’t clean your stylus properly, with the right tool, your records may be at risk of scratches due to debris on the stylus.

When you choose this type of tool, you’ll access a precision cleaning implement which is perfect for the task at hand. The tool should be used in a specific manner. When you clean your stylus, never move the tool from side to side or from front to back. Instead, move it from the back of the stylus to the tip.

We recommend that you clean your record player’s stylus after each usage of your record player. If you want extra cleaning power, add a little rubbing alcohol to your stylus cleaning brush before you use it. Rubbing alcohol is very cheap to buy and a little will go a long way.

Bottom of Form

Another supply to acquire is an anti-static dusting cloth. You may dust all surfaces of your record player, except the stylus, with this type of cloth after you use your turntable. If more intensive cleaning is needed, dampen a lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol and then wipe down the surfaces. When cleaning the platter, start at the center and then wipe outwards, in a circular motion. To finish, dry the surfaces with a fresh lint-free cloth.

Turntables/record players which don’t have plastic covers may accumulate dust fairly quickly. You may protect them by laying lint-free cloths over them while they’re not being used. However, even if you do this, you’ll still need to follow our cleaning tips after each listening session, with a mind to keeping your turntable or record player in perfect working order.

Why Not Try Our Tips Today?

Hopefully, our tips have given you the advice that you need. With just four cleaning tools/solvents, you may create a failsafe system for keeping all components of your turntable fresh and clean. This will prolong the life of your record player and make it possible for you to enjoy your records over the long term. It will also protect your beloved records from damage.