How to Make Your Record Player Last Longer?

Make your record player last longer

Listening to vinyl on a turntable is often extremely fulfilling, as the “analog” sound of records definitely has tons of retro charm! If you love the way that records sound and you’ve invested in a turntable of your own, you may be wondering how to keep your record player in peak condition for as long as possible.

In order to help you maintain your record player, we’ve created a practical quick guide. Once you learn the secrets of how to make your record player last longer, you’ll be ready to protect your turntable investment…

First, let’s talk about the risk factors which are associated with not taking care of record players…

A lot of turntables (not all) are rather expensive and some of them get damaged very gradually over time, due to improper maintenance or no maintenance at all. As time passes, damage due to lack of maintenance may negatively impact the sound quality of the record player. An even worse scenario is that your precious vinyl records, some of which may be bona fide collector’s items, may be damaged by your turntable!

This is obviously the last thing that anyone wants to happen!

So, how to keep your record player in peak condition…? Well, it’s really not that complicated…

Three Quick Tips to Try

  1. First of all, you should ensure that you clean your record player needle now and then. The tip of the needle comes in contact with vinyl records, so it’s vital that this tip be free of dirt and debris which might lead to scratches of beloved discs. The easiest way to keep a record player needle clean is to buy a record player stylus cleaning solvent. Apply it with a very soft brush in order to keep your record player needle clean (and safe for your records!)
  2. Next, you’ll need to smooth out the tone arm on a regular basis. Sometimes, this part of the record player doesn’t function properly, due to jams and so on. It may even snap off. Lubricating this turntable component will help to ensure that it continues to move smoothly – it will help to prevent jams and breakage, too. Look for a special lubricating product which is designed just for tone arms/record players. It should come with instructions on how to use it.
  3. Our third tip is to ensure that your cartridge has just the right alignment! This means that you will need to check it in order to see if it’s in proper working order. If it isn’t, audio quality may suffer as a result. This is also something that may ruin a great record! So, using steady hands, adjust the alignment of the cartridge until it’s just right.

Hopefully, this trio of tips will help you to perform expert maintenance on your home record player. Whether you’ve bought a basic turntable or something more expensive and elaborate, you’ll find that our tips give you the power to keep your device working like a dream over the long term.

Now and then, you should also dust the platter of your turntable in order to keep it working well – however, this is something that you’ve probably done already.