How to Replace a Turntable Needle?

Turntable needle

If you’ve invested in a record player and you want to take good care of it, with a mind to enjoying superior sound quality, prolonging the life of your turntable and protecting your record player from damage, you’ll benefit from our guide. We will walk you through the steps that you’ll need to take in order to replace a turntable needle.

Once you’ve discovered just how simple this three-step process really is, you’ll be empowered, as you’ll know that you can take care of needle replacement yourself, instead of having to pay a professional to do it for you…

So, without further ado, let’s talk about how to replace a turntable needle!

Prepare Your Record Player

First, you’ll need to prepare your turntable. This is about turning the unit off so it’s not using electricity. In addition, turn off your speakers if they are currently set to “on”. Some record players have preamplifiers which are built right in. If this is the case, it’s probably better just to turn off the pre-amp. This way, you won’t need to switch off the speakers.

Next, take away the lock/lever which keeps the tone arm in position. After you do this, lift up the tone arm and then hold the old record player needle as firmly as you can. While you are gripping the needle, pull it outwards until it’s removed. Then, put the old needle somewhere else so you don’t get it confused with the new one. New and old ones look a lot alike and it can be all too easy to make a mistake.

Next, put the new needle into position by putting it into your cartridge opening. The point should be facing down, towards the platter. Then, put the tone arm back in its proper position.

Now, you should try out your new needle by choosing a record. It may be wise to do the test with a record that doesn’t mean a lot to you. If the record plays well, you’ve accomplished your task! You should listen in order to hear certain sounds and actions which are typically indicative of problems, such as pops, snaps and skips.

If you do hear these troublesome sounds, it may be wise to take your record player into a store that specializes in performing repairs. However, most people are able to change record needles on their own and the more they do so, the faster the process goes…

Enjoy Your Favorite Records Today

Our tips are designed to give you more control over your record player. By learning how to do basic maintenance on your own, you’ll be able to avoid paying someone to take care of these tasks and you’ll also be able to get them done faster. Once you’ve mastered the art of replacing your turntable needle, you’ll be ready to enjoy all of your favorite records, from blues to jazz to Top 40 to rock, heavy metal and beyond. It all starts with following three simple steps and ensuring that your record player is always in peak condition.