Okki Nokki Record Cleaning Machine Review

okki nokki record cleaning machine

Our review of one of the very best record cleaning machines on the market: Okki Nokki

Are you skeptical about spending hundreds of dollars on a record cleaning machine? Don’t worry; you are not alone in this race. Just like it’s hard to trust a skinny cook, it’s hard to shave off hundreds of dollars on a vinyl vacuum cleaning solution in the middle of an ordinary day. So, how do you clean your records without going to any lengths and expense to burn your hard-earned money?

Over the years, we had some close shave with quite a few record cleaning machines. Frankly speaking, only a couple of them were a hit, and the majority of them were a bummer. With similar machines around, which one is the best? Is there any record cleaning product that has been road-tested by loads of people? This Okki Nokki record cleaning machine review will answer all your heated questions as we put the product under the microscope to see if we could find the answer.

Product/Brand Background

As you might have already guessed, the name behind the product is Okki Nokki, a company based in Netherlands. The product under their arsenal is developed by the Dutch entrepreneur Johan Bezem.  The product is imported by VANA Ltd in the USA. Having personally owned thousands of records, Johan Bezem felt the need for high-quality record cleaning equipment. Thus, Okki Nokki record cleaning machine was born in 2004. So, should you bite the bullet and go for this product? Let’s dive into the product features to find out more about the product before you reach out to your wallet.

Product Features

Often referred as the granddaddy of all record cleaning machines, Okki Nokki is well-constructed equipment that is formulated to clean all your vinyl records like nothing else. It’s an award winning heavy duty product that has garnered a lot of eyeballs ever since its inception more than a decade back. The product manufacturers claim that it can transform dirty records into something originally beautiful. Unlike its competition, Okki Nokki loosens and sucks out any grime from the surface of the record as opposed to simply redistributing it. Thereby, it ensures deep cleaning in a simplified manner.

The order includes the primary cleaning unit which holds the records, a cleaning solution, a vacuum wand, and a cleaning brush. The cleaning solution has a secret formula known only to the makers, and the brush is soft and durable too. Also, links to demonstration videos are included to help users know how to the product quickly in a seamless manner. This second-generation product features better engineering, quality, reliability, and vacuum pressure. It also has a more smaller and elegant look and feel to it.


It’s a high-quality product in its niche. The improvement in quality is like night and day in comparison to its competitors.

It’s an easy-to-use product that is made to last for years to come. It has a sturdy metal built. The product comes with a detailed instruction manual as well.

The learning curve is almost zero. It comes equipped with all the necessities that can help one get started within minutes.

It can be used to clean old as well as new records. For those who don’t know, even new records are vulnerable to debris leftovers from the pressing process.

At the time of order, users are provided with enough liquid solution to clean hundreds of records. Unless you take a bath with the liquid solution, it’s bound to last for a long time.

The new-age motor allows the record to be cleaned in both the directions. By doing so, one can expect better results. Moreover, the base of this product is supported with four hard-rubber feet, which prevents the equipment from sliding while in use. So, the product is designed keeping in mind the price, the final outcome, and user-friendliness as well.

Customer reviews suggest that the sound is clearer and has more depth once the record is cleaned using this equipment. Users have reported a reduction in undesirable pops and snaps.

The product has been selling well in over 60 countries. Moreover, the product is backed by 1-year product warranty.


The product lacks a reservoir under the platter. As a result, excess fluid can spill through the side of the machine. This problem can be easily combated by ensuring that you do not use excess liquid at the time of cleaning.  One can also place a towel under the platter to deal with this issue.

The price may not suit every wallet out there. But, nothing can take away the excellent job it does on your vinyl. Also, it’s not stupidly expensive for high-end record cleaning machine. Moreover, it’s available in only two colors, white and black.

The vacuum pump is pretty noisy.  As much, most vacuum pumps make a sound. So, it’s a drawback that you will find with any record cleaning machine out there. Some even say that the louder the machine, the cleaner will be the records. All we can say is that it’s a necessary evil.


For the collectors, this product is a bombshell. The product can do a good job in preserving their record collection, while getting the best sound from the records without costing a fortune. Truth to be told, it’s not the Rolls-Royce of record cleaning machine, but it does the intended job. Moreover, the high-end record cleaners cost as much as five times more than Okki Nokki record cleaner. Hopefully, this Okki Nokki review will be an eye-opener for you as we have taken the time and efforts to come up with a well-informed, unbiased review to help one and all.

Overall, this meticulously engineered equipment is worth a shot. Other than a few hard-to-please users, the majority of the Okki Nokki record cleaning machine review has been positive. It works reliably and effectively, and the price is within the ballpark as well. The product does have some minor drawbacks, but it can still easily retire some of its counterparts. So, the floor is yours now. You can decide whether to pull the trigger or not.