Old Record Player vs. New Record Player (Which One is For You)?


There’s no one answer here, as people have different tastes, different budgets and different needs. This is why people tend to argue about whether or not old or new record players offer the best sound!

The best way to approach this topic is to explore the pros and cons of both styles of record players. Learning the features of each will be a great way to decide which one will suit your requirements and preferences.

Once you’ve answered the question, “old or new”, you’ll find that there is an array of product choices out there. For example, vintage styles may be available at record stores, thrift shops or online storefronts. New designs will typically be found at electronics stores, both on and offline…

Pros and Cons of Old Turntables

Old turntables don’t usually cost as much as new ones. While a few turntables are coveted by hipsters and/or music fans, and fetch a pretty penny based on their style, rarity and sound quality, most of them aren’t really that expensive.

So, from an economic perspective, going “old” may be cost-effective. Bear in mind that every old turntable may not work as well as it used to – some will need tune-ups, replacement parts or all-out overhauls in order to work well. With this in mind, you should always try before you buy and then factor the cost of refurbishing into your budget (if repairs will be needed).

A lot of music “purists” do believe that old turntables sound better than modern ones. This is really a matter of personal taste. Try not to worry too much about what you’re supposed to like best – instead, listen to old and new turntables and then judge for yourself! You’re the one who will be listening and you deserve the sort of sound that makes you happy!

Pros and Cons of New Turntables

New turntables are in peak condition, because they’ve never been used. They don’t suffer from wear and tear and this is definitely a key “pro”. However, these types of turntables may cost a lot more than old turntables. Nonetheless, the investment may be wise one, especially if you’re looking for cutting-edge features.

For example, many new turntables allow users to create digital files of their vinyl records. This means that a Flash drive may be inserted into a port, which will give you the power to create a digital music library which you may enjoy via your home computer or preferred mobile device.

In terms of sound quality, a cheap new turntable from a larger chain store isn’t going to compete with a designer turntable from one of the world’s premier record player manufacturers. How much you’re willing to spend will probably play a role in how pure and clear sound quality is. Nonetheless, some basic and mid-range turntables of the new variety do sound great.

No matter which style you choose, you should shop around, check product reviews and compare prices before you buy. Careful comparison-shopping is really the key to unlocking savings on a great record player, whether it’s new or something vintage.