Our review of the Shure M97xE High-Performance Magnetic Phono Cartridge


The <Shure M97xE> is a phonograph cartridge with an undistorted, polished sound with stabilized frequencies, that don’t harm the ear or tire your mind. It has a meticulous tracking ability and a frequency range that is able to accurately reproduce difficult musical passages. Shure m97xe is crafted uniquely as it is a type II low-mass thin-wall aluminum alloy stylus cantilever, with high modulation and a refined elliptical diamond tip. If you seem to face difficulties in playing conditions which is often the result of warped records or mismatched tone arm mass, m97xe exclusive high powered stabilizer manages to maintain an even distance between the cartridge and the record. Under ideal playing conditions the stabilizer brush can be locked up into its detent setting, providing you with a standard sound quality.

m97xe has a concentrated audio pitch and rapid stylus tip movements this is why the cantilever does not bend sideways, momentarily forcing it upwards so that it is not affected by side thrusts. This strong protection system limits the stylus damage if the cartridge accidentally slides across a record. It is easy to replace the stylus as you won’t require a set of special tools. A gentle pull will do the work as it is all it takes, and once you’ve fixed in the cartridge body tightly to the head shell, it wouldn’t disarrange the geometry. Shure m97xe has a die cast aluminum mounting block which acts like a vibration-free reliable source of attachment to the forearm.

M97xe is a highly sensitive cartridge with rich sonic detail and a quick response rate. True to what the manufacture says, the Shure m97xe is a commendably athletic tracker. There are a number of accessories included with this phonograph cartridge which includes: Head shell screwdriver, mounting hardware, Stylus guard, Stylus cleaning brush and a proper overhang gauge.


There still are a few drawbacks associated to m97xe which can be a problem sometimes. Setting the overhang on an m97xe is not a walk in the park as it has only one straight edge on the cartridge body (placed in the front), there’s no effortless way to ‘rough in’ the alignment before refining it. It will be quite a hectic task if you are new to analog. Although, the delivery of Shure m97xe sounds are balanced across the entire spectrum, it still lacks the highest highs and lowest lows that more expensive MMs and MCs can offer. However, this doesn’t mean that m97xe can’t rock! It will serve you everything from bass to heavy pop music.

Shure m97xe is a complex and well developed cartridge that clearly demonstrates the benefits of experience. Moreover, it accomplishes this without being flaccid or sounding-dull to the beat. Even after this Shure m97xe review if you ask the Shure Brothers for advice on which cartridge to choose they’ll definitely recommend the M97xE because the advantages are much more than anticipated and weigh more than the disadvantages.