Pro-Ject Turntables

Listen to Classical Music In a Classical Way!!


Are you a music lover who feels that old is gold? You not only like listening to classics but you also like listening in an authentic and traditional way!! Who can resist the charm of a turntable playing out old classics? When the digital media started to take over, vinyl slowly started to fade away. This is when Pro-Ject turntables literally turned the tables!!

Pro Ject an Overview: Where it all began

‘Pro-Ject Audio systems’ is an Austrian company making audiophile equipment. Heinz Lichtenegger started this company in 1991, Mistelbach, Austria. This was the time when Compact Discs or CDs were leading a march towards the digitalization of music. They were convenient to use and handle and very reasonable in affordability. This attractive combination of low price and technical advance put them much ahead. This is when Pro-Ject came out with the best analog systems at low price points. The belief of the company was in a simple and best way to enjoy music – turntables.

The company designs the products in Austria and manufactures them in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The turntables produce among the best and yet have a price point low enough for more and more people to buy it. Their products are available in more than 80 countries. When digital music took over the world, the death of vinyl and turntables seemed inevitable. Initially, the company came out with a small collection of Pro-Ject turntables.

The success was unexpected, and soon they launched more and better turntables. They started with an aim to give the customers an option. They sold their products at a low cost so that first-time buyers could experience the difference between an authentic way and the modern way of listening to music. There were no unnecessary features to distract or raise the prices up.

What Makes Pro-Ject Turntables So Good? 

The company has a good record with all its products, and the turntables are no different. This is because they give a lot of importance to quality. The turntables are handmade and adhere strictly to a high quality of workmanship. Though there are a number of competitors in the market and understanding what keeps Pro-Ject ahead will help you to make a good selection.

  • The best part is the fact that they offer a great product at really affordable prices. Any first-time buyer looks at both these factors and wants good value for money. 
  • All the turntables are handmade. In the Czech Republic, every single piece starts from scratch and takes shape. Each and every screw and nut is manually fixed. It adds authenticity to the product. It reminds you of the time when turntables were more of artistic creations. 
  • They only choose the best components to make the products. Quality is of prime importance, and this is what drives the company to find the best parts be it small or big. 
  • They are also keeping an eye on the various innovations in the audio world. They are innovating and bringing out new and modern models to suit the times. The new turntables combine traditional styles with modern technology in the perfect way. 
  • They offer multiple high-quality products at different price points. This gives its customers more options and choices. People can choose according to their preference for style, size, and price. 
  • The company has won multiple awards, and top magazines have written about them. You can see their products in many movies and TV shows. They are the leaders in the turntables market. 
  • Pro-Ject has been able to create visually pleasing products while maintaining strict control over quality. There is a strict 4 step quality control, which makes sure that the products are of the highest standard. 
  • In the factory in Slovakia, they manufacture high-end products that are micro-sized. The company has designed small cabinets by shrinking the size. This brings the cost down and offers a great performance to the price paid by the customers. 
  • They have partnerships with the leaders in the music industry. They have tie-ups with Universal Music Group, The Third Man Records, The Rolling Stones, Hard Rock Café, and many more. They also collaborate with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and bring out special edition products from time to time. 
  • They have been in this business for a long time and that too as a market leader. You want to select a product; then, you must try the best. The number of products in their turntables series is many. They bring out better and newer products all the time. 
  • They listen carefully to what the customers want. They give a lot of importance to the feedback. If there are any issues that trouble their customers, they take it seriously and try their best to solve it. For them, customers come first, and that is the reason they have market leaders for such a long time. 


The best Pro-Ject Turntables


  1. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge 

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge

This is a fantastic turntable, which is part of the Debut series by Pro-ject. The debut series is constantly upgrading its features, and every model adds newer and better features. It has a carbon-fiber tonearm, which makes it very strong. Earlier it was of an alloy. They first came out with the carbon tube, and now it is an integrated design with the headshell. The platter in Debut Carbon platter is of steel. It has the right weight for the right speed. It does not have an in-built preamp. This gives the customer the flexibility to choose an external one. The Ortofon 2M cartridge is the best in the business and especially for its price. It also has removable RCA cables and a power cord, which are the best. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • The price is set at a low point and very attractive for beginners
  • Carbon fiber is the material for making the tonearm which makes it strong
  • The Ortofon 2M red Cartridge is among the best and lasts for a long time


  • There is a low-frequency hum from the motor, which can distort sound quality. 

It has a good price point for the value it gives to any audiophile. Good value for money.


  1. Pro-Ject Debut Recordmaster Turntable with USB and Phono Preamp

Pro-Ject Debut Recordmaster Walnut Turntable with USB and Phono Preamp

Pro-Ject has always given products that are high on quality and performance and low on frills. This turntable is no different. It comes with a 300 mm steel platter, which makes the whole audio experience a pleasant one. It has an excellent walnut finish, which gives it a timeless look.

There is a high precision motor, which is very stable. You can change from 33.3 rpm to 45 rpm in a jiffy just by pushing a button. The OM5e moving-magnet cartridge is among the best in the market. It is a part of this product and comes fully aligned and mounted from the factory. It has USB, and it is easy to connect with a computer with it. You can connect to an external amplifier with the cable. The tonearm is 8.6” in length and is of aluminum. It is lightweight yet strong. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • There is a dust cover that comes with the turntable. 
  • It has a precision belt with a strong and synchronized motor
  • It has a heavy and large steel platter which makes for smooth audio quality


  • Manual adjusting of the weights and balances can be a little difficult.

This turntable combines style with performance. The technical innovation is the key here.


  1. Pro-Ject – Debut Carbon Esprit SB

Pro-Ject - Debut Carbon Esprit SB

It sets a new high standard in its category. There is a carbon tube in the tonearm. This is why it is strong and light. It keeps the stability of the audio quality by reducing unnecessary resonance. The platter’s size is bigger and weighs more than previous models. This gives it power and strength to ensure smooth rotations. This results in high sound quality. The belt drive design id perfect for a less noisy AC motor. The AC generator is very precise and gives stable speeds. There is a built-in speed box with a switch. You can change the stylus to 2M78 and turnover the belt to achieve 78 RPM. There are many colors and finishes available like high-gloss black, red, and, white but matt-walnut wood finish gives it a classy look.  << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • It has a precision Speed Box with a switch
  • It comes with 2M magnetic cartridge from Ortofon 
  • There is a carbon tonearm of 8.6” length


  • There is no auto-return after the record is over. You have to turn it off and on manually.

It is another impressive product in the Debut series from Pro-Ject. The best part is that you get a product with high quality at an affordable price.


  1. Pro-Ject Primary Phono Turntable

Pro-Ject Primary Phono Turntable

This is a belt-driven turntable that is affordable with high fidelity. The belt is of silicone. Along with the drive-belt, there is a motor with low vibrations. This motor is completely synchronous and has a DC to AC generator. This motor works silently and does not distract from the audio quality. There is an Ortofon OM 5E magnet cartridge. The cartridge is already in the turntable when you buy it. The tonearm is of aluminum and has sapphire bearings on it. There is a gold plated RCA cable termination point, which enables the precise transmission of signals. The platter has a very low level of resonance. It has a steel spindle and brass bushing and has layers of Teflon. There are special rubber feet which prevent unnecessary vibrations from disturbing the high sound quality. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • The silicone drive-belt is friction-free and gives good output
  • The rubber feet keep it stable and vibration-free
  • Ortofon OM 5E cartridge is among the best in its class and results in high-quality output


  • The chassis has little sharp edges which can affect the sound quality

Installing it is very easy because it comes ready to use. All the settings are accurately calibrated.


  1. Pro-Ject Debut Recordmaster – Vertical Turntable

Pro-Ject VT-E R (OM5e)

When you take the turntable out of the box, it is completely ready to play. This product has all the characteristics of a Pro-Ject product. It comes with high quality and affordable price. Only after complete adjustments and tuning does it reach you. The setup is thus very easy. However, this is not the only important fact. More interesting is the vertical setup. It comes with a metal bracket for hanging it securely. There is no fear of it falling off because there is another security feature. The record is secure because there is a clamp holding it firmly to the platter. The Ortofon cartridge has an elliptical needle that has balance and precision for clean and smooth sounds. The MDF platter is perfect weight and balance for vertical setup and has a felt mat.  << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • It has an eye-catching design with its vertical orientation.
  • It comes pre-adjusted and pre-tuned and is easy to install
  • The silicone belt drive and low vibrating motor give clean and clear sounds with no distortion. 


  • The looks can improve, and you will have to buy an extra speaker for better sounds.

The vertical set up is eye-catching. This means you can place it anywhere and don’t need to make a special place for it on your tables.


  1. Pro-Ject Record Master HiRes Turntable

Pro-Ject Record Master HiRes Turntable

It is difficult to find a turntable with so many features at such a price point. The carbon tonearm, variable speeds, and a DC power supply are only a few. The main thing is that you can easily convert your masterpieces, which are analog to digital and save them on your computer. There is a computer connection that allows for the sound quality to reach your digital archive without any distortion. The platter is acrylic, which is another innovation and works well. It is non-resonant and lightweight. The sound quality is high resolution and crystal clear. The turntable is available in different colors, but the walnut finish is perhaps the most stylish and has a timeless appeal to it. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • There is a synchronous motor along with the precise belt-drive
  • The material of the tonearm is carbon and is 8.6” long
  • An acrylic platter makes for a lightweight base which is non-resistant


  • The platter wobbles at times which is not a good sign and can cause distortion

This Debut series product continues with the rich heritage and delivers in every way. The fact that you can keep your collection of classics safe is great for all music lovers.


  1. Pro-Ject Audio Debut Carbon DC Esprit SB

Pro-Ject Audio Debut Carbon DC Esprit SB with 2M Red Cartridge

This is one of the best looking turntables from Pro-Ject range. The SB in the name stands for Speed Box. There is an electronic switch for changing the speed. You don’t need to move the drive belt manually. You can play at 33.3 and 45 rpm, and if you change the pulley, a speed of 78 rpm is also possible. Ortofon 2M Red is a magnetic cartridge and is an integral part of many of the Pro-Ject turntables. It is costly if you buy it separately, but here it is part of the purchase. The platter is acrylic, and the tonearm is carbon fiber. Pro-Ject always uses the best components and is not afraid of innovations. The sound quality is impressive. Pro-Ject has a number of turntable models, and it is among the best. It comes in different finishes like piano lacquer and matte. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • In-built Speed Box with a switch to control the speed
  • You can upgrade sound quality by adding a more powerful cable
  • It is a complete package and looks far more expensive than it actually is


  • The anti-skate arm touches the lid when you close it. Seems like a small design flaw

Pro-Ject always uses the best components and is not afraid of innovations. It seems effortless and yet is engaging.


  1. Pro-Ject Essential III Belt-Drive Turntable

Pro-Ject Essential III Belt-Drive Turntable with Ortofon OM10 Cartridge

The Pro-Ject Essential 3 adds some great features and upgrades to the Essential 2 model. Most people prefer to buy this as their first turntable. The platter is really good. The material is dense MDF, which is good for low resonance. The finish for the platter is a glossy piano black. The turntable is available in black, red, and white, and all three look classy. With red and white, the contrast of glossy black is striking. The tonearm is aluminum and adds a touch of authenticity. It is adjustable and has sapphire bearings. The cartridge is Ortofon OM 10. The combination of tonearm and cartridge works smoothly. There is a DC motor to control the platter speed. Essential 3 also has to Connect it E interconnect, which is easy to connect to the output. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • The turntable has a synchronous motor and silicone belt drive which ensures stability and no vibrations
  • Connect it E Interconnect with gold-plated connectors. 
  • A pre-mounted and pre-aligned Ortofon OM 10 cartridge


  • The difference between low and loud noises is very less, and you will have to buy a separate pre-amp. 

It is among the least expensive turntables in the market, which includes so many top-notch features.



Pro-Ject is a leader when it comes to turntables. All the products are good, but the Pro-Ject Debut Recordmaster is great because of its classy looks and high sound quality. An added advantage is the USB connectivity, which makes it perfect for modern times. When it comes to innovations, nothing can beat the Pro-Ject Primary Phono Turntable. It has a number of features like the rubber feet, which keep it stable and gold-plated RCA termination points. When you decide to get a turntable, you should look at the sound quality, price, ease of use, and of course, how much space you have. A vertical set up will be great in such a case. Choose the one which fits your needs and enjoy music.