Our Review of the Victrola Wooden 6-in-1 Nostalgic 3-Speed Turntable

Victrola Wooden 6-in-1 Nostalgic 3-Speed Turntable reviews

Victrola Wooden 6-in-1 turntable reviewed

Victrola Wooden 6-in-1 Nostalgic 3-Speed Turntable is one of the best options if you want to add a vintage touch to your home. This product will allow you to listen to your vinyl collection in the most convenient way.

You will not only benefit from this device since it is a turntable. Instead, you might as well enjoy listening to music using its classic AM/ FM radio tuner, CD player, and cassette deck. Apart from the fact that it comes with multiple functions, you can expect to observe the power of modernity in music.

Take note that it comes with a Bluetooth connection. Audio streaming is made easier since it can connect to any type of device with the said wireless connection. Furthermore, this turntable gives way to a hassle-free recording of your favorite songs on your flash drive.

Its turntable is available with three speeds. You can consider it old style and tech savvy at the same time. As for its performance, it will never fail to meet your preferences. Besides, who would not want a turntable that is portable for traveling?

It even comes with a suitcase design, making it mobile. Enjoying your albums in the garage or in your friend’s house is much more convenient.

turntable with Bluetooth

Main Features

There are several features this turntable can offer. Given below are the following with details:

RCA Output. You can find this component at the record player’s rear area. This can enable you to connect your record player to a separate amplifier. You may as well utilize an active speaker set.

Three-Speed Turntable. Since the device is available with three speeds, you can play any of your vinyl record. Its speeds are 78, 45, and 33 1/3 revolutions per minute (RPM). Primarily, 78 RPM is for the 10-inch Shellac records. These are the heavier vinyl records that your grandparents may have kept.

Alternatively, 45 RPM is for the 12-inch Extra Plays (EPs) and seven-inch singles. Lastly, you have the 33 1/3 RPM for the 12-inch vinyl records, which are the most popular ones. Even current artists are releasing their tracks in the said format.

Portable. Apart from the suitcase design of the turntable, it even comes with a carry handle and locking mechanism. You can keep the turntable safe from damaging elements for as long as you prefer. Take note that its hinges are robust enough to resist impact.

Onboard Speakers. You will find adequate speakers with the record player. Since the device is made portable, you will find the speakers average in size. If you do not prefer the speakers available with the turntable, you are also allowed to use a separate set of speakers.

3.5 mm Wired Input. You can use this input to play music from devices that are not available with Bluetooth technology. This implies that there is nothing you cannot play using the turntable.

Long-Standing Manufacturer. The turntable comes from a reputable brand, Victrola. History can prove that the company has been known worldwide due to its century of existence. Since then, Victrola is known for delivering unique craftsmanship and nostalgic construction to its products.

Nonetheless, it does not disregard the importance of a high-quality sound. Despite promoting vintage turntables, Victrola gives way to combining new technologies.


Besides the exemplary features of the turntable, there are also set of advantages you will reap once you purchased it. Here are the following:

Long Distance Music Streaming. Since you can listen to music via Bluetooth connection, you can stream songs up to 33 feet. This allows you to carry out various tasks from one room to another without getting a hold of your music.

Great Value. Many commended the product for providing an excellent value to its buyers, especially now that it comes with tons of features. Though it is cheaper than its counterparts, the sound quality is considerable.

Complements Any Room. Buyers and existing owners of the turntable noticed how well it complements any room. They even described the device as a beautiful set of record player.

Durable. Even if you verify to the existing owners of the turntable, many have reported that this device does last long. This can be explained by the sturdy build of the device.

Wireless Control. As mentioned above, you can utilize the device to play tracks from any Bluetooth-supported device. In such case, you do not have to get up and change the song using the turntable’s settings. Instead, you can use your gadget as a remote control.


If there are positives about the product, there are also disadvantages that its existing owners and buyers have reported. Given below are a few:

Poor Customer Service. There are complaints about the customer assistance of the company. According to one buyer, the firm took a lot of time before granting her a replacement despite being within the 90-day warranty period.

Track Skipping. Negative reviews also include that there are packages that tend to skip tracks. Others have reported the same situation even when using brand new vinyl records.

Sound Distortion. If other buyers are contented with the turnable’s sound quality, the rest are not. For some, the sound is quite pitched.

The provided disadvantages above may likely be due to defective packages that have been circulated on the markets. It is still unsure if these are applicable for all sets of the product, especially now that the turntable still received mostly positive feedbacks.

Victrola turntable in grey


From the provided facts above, you can say that Victrola 6-in-1 Nostalgic 3-Speed Turntable is still a must-buy. Despite having flaws, its multiple functions overshadow its shortcomings. Besides, you cannot anticipate a lot from an affordable device.

Victrola has been very generous to offer it at an excellent value. Simply imagine having the benefits of playing vinyl records and connecting your Bluetooth devices in combination. Expectedly, you will get these functions from a higher priced turntable but the brand made it possible to budget-restricted buyers.

Furthermore, its performance is not only limited to freedom it offers in listening music. Instead, you will also commend the fact it has a vintage style. No one will even think that it can play CDs, songs from a flash drive, or cassette tape.