Teaching the basics of a Turntable to a beginner

When you have bought a turnaround, it is very likely that you have done it out of your love for the playing the vinyl records. Because, these days, music can be found in various formats and can be played digitally over various devices. However, if you own a turntable, or if you are planning to buy, but you do not know its basics, then might have some questions in your mind.

Checking out the drive:

The first which thing you should do when you have a turntable is; you should check whether you have a direct drive or a belt drive player. Now, the belt driven players have a belt going from the motor machine (which should be located beside the plate) to the plate where a record is kept, hence you cannot miss that. While, direct drive players have a motor which is situated right under the plate. As, you must have figured it out by now, the direct drive players look much more modern than the belt ones.

Manual versus the automatic ones:

Now, there are two types of turntables available in the market, automatic and the manual ones. The automatic ones are simple to use and with a click of a button you can get music, but the manual ones require some hand usage. That said, the manual one also not that hard to use, but you have to use your hands for placing the record and cuing it manually with the tone arm.

The speed of the turntables:

Checking out the speed of your turntable is also a very good idea. In fact, when you read about turntable reviews and record reviews, you will also see determination of speeds. Most records can be played at 33 and 1/3 and 45 RPM capacity, and the turntables these days are made for them. However, be sure about the speed, because some records may vary.