The Best Record Player Stands – Do You Need One? – 2020

Innovation and craftsmanship at its best – Turntable and Record Player Table Stands


If you are going crazy about music, and if the collection of varied albums and organizing your music centers become a priority, well, you have arrived at the right place. Here we have a variety of turntables and record table stands that can essentially serve your purpose rightly..!! Just go on and go forth to get the right product as you desire..!!

  1. Novogratz Concord Turntable Single Stand Review

Novogratz Concord Turntable Single Stand

Novogratz by Ameriwood Home is always known for its simplistic and elegant designs. The inventive work lets you go classic. Quality craftsmanship is essentially empowered by mid-century design and concept.

The product as a whole is sturdy and stands strong. It has MDF and particleboard with lamination for an enriching look to stand amidst other furniture. Open cubbies can be used to keep your favorite books, cassettes, or any item that requires space. It is very compact and fits well in any room. It has an easily operable drawer that comes along. The single draw can easily hold up to 15lbs. No additional handle required for opening the drawer; it has a cutout stand. The stand measures 34.1” H x 20.7” W x 18” D. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Light in weight; weighs 38 pounds
  • The wide stand located at the middle gives room for a lot of space.
  • It has strong and sharp hairpin legs for a sturdy base.


  • It does not get shipped fully assembled; two persons required for fitting the product right

If you are looking for a conservative product, then this is always a fair option. It has the necessary features well bundled into a single product. It is affordable and worth spending..!!


  1. Novogratz Concord Turntable Double Stand Review

Novogratz Concord Turntable Stand

Known for unique designs, this product has quality-rich features of Novogratz by Ameriwood Home. The artistic work gets you into vintage memories. It has an enduring appeal that adds to the beautiful décor of your house if it has a vintage theme..!!

This product has hairpin legs for a different look and stability at the same time. The MDF and particleboard with lamination give a long-lasting look and experience. A double-wide stand placed in the middle gives a lot of space. It has two flexible drawers, as well. The entire product is sturdy and stands strong. The stand measures 31.8” H x 39.7” W x 18” D and weighs 72 pounds. It is cost-effective and worth the money spent on it. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Drawers with a cutout stand make it durable as it does not have any additional handles
  • The stand can hold up to 60lbs, and each draws up to 15lbs
  • Open cubbies can be used to keep record players and speakers


  • Assembly is slightly difficult and requires a powerful drilling machine

It is a perfect product that has a medium brown wood grain finish that goes classic and adds to your décor of any kind. It is compact and serves the purpose as well..!!


  1. Soho Turntable and Record Stand Review

Crosley Furniture Soho

Crosley furniture is known for its extraordinary workmanship intended towards indoor and outdoor living for lasting strength and grace at the same time. It is specifically designed for household or commercial environments as desired..!!

Turntable stands with an elegant look combined with comfortable provisions are always highly preferred. This product is known for its component style and has six holes to manage cables for any electronic setup. It also best suits for arranging records at home. The two shelves can easily hold up to 100 each. There are bumpers placed behind to make sure the records stand stable and uniformly as well. It is easily accessible from the front side. It is a cost-effective product. The color of mahogany makes it appear classic in your drawing-room. There is enough space underneath to keep your records dirt free. It is easy to clean and maintain the turntable and record stand. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Very easy to assemble this product
  • Adjustable feet provided to set it according to your preference
  • Headphone hooks are also provided
  • Three different grooves to show the jacket of the records that stay spinning


  • Smells too strong and heavy, and that is awful

This product is one of the best-known turntables stands for keeping records, especially. It looks neat, convenient to use, and flexible to move..!!


  1. Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Turntable Stand with Vinyl Record Storage Review

Pangea Audio Vulcan

Pangea Audio is an American based Company known for its finest quality in all the variety of accessory products that it delivers. It is known for producing high-end products for affordable and sensible prices that make purchasing enjoyable.

This product is a multi-use turntable that comes along with Vinyl Record storage. It is a three shelf stand with adequate balance with required rigidity and stability. There is also an optional Add – A – Shelf Kit component shelf exclusively for holding a piece of gear. Additionally, it has an optional Add LP Storage Kit bottom shelf to hold more than 100 vinyl records. It has thick MDF shelves with steel frame and premium thickness – 0.625”. There are very strong steel X braces to help support the LP shelf rigidly. It also has a unique set of four mini sonic saucers that protect the flooring system, wood, or tile. An elegant black look is extra scintillating. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Ensures quick and easy assembly for convenience
  • Cost-effective product and affordable by all
  • Steel bolts provided for strong stand design
  • There are a tapered cone type feet with additional carpet piercing structure similar to spikes


  • Tends to shake while pushing from the sides

It has an attractive, reliable, and durable scratch resistant vinyl shelf finishing touch. This product is renowned for its modular design. Additional component shelves and vinyl storage shelves favor you better than expected..!!


  1. Weathered Grey Finish Turntable Stand Review

Weathered Grey Finish Turntable Stand

EHome Products is a manufacturer with professional systems at the workplace. They ensure good R&D support and quality control assistance for all the products produced from their end. They are high tech in design, and most importantly, they are mass producers.

Known for eccentric quality and design, this product is best regarded for multiple uses. It is cost-effective and stands affordable all the time. It can be fairly used as a Turntable Stand, Side End Table for your drawing-room, and a good Nightstand as well. It is a display stand with compact space. It is the best way to use it as a media storage space and also as a bookshelf. It is made up of hardwood and MDF material with metal stand for a rigid finish. The dimensions are 34H x 20W x 18D. It weighs 38.6 pounds and convenient to move. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Weathered Grey color gives a classic look to your house wherever it is placed
  • Quiet effortless to assemble
  • Easy to clean and maintain it neat and tidy
  • It stands stable and sturdy on all types of floors


Can be designed with even more better space for records

If you are looking for a product that can serve multiple purposes in your house and in different places, then this is the ideal product for you..!! On the other hand, it is strong and versatile in its quality features.


  1. Victrola Wooden Stand Review

Victrola Wooden Stand for Wooden Music Centers with Record Holder Shelf

Victrola Company is known for its resourceful designs for your stereo tape systems and speakers. They are special for their make, design, quality, and everything that you will look for in turntables or other stands. It is also distinguished because of its price range that allows you to ascertain your budget..!!

This is one of the versatile products from the mighty Victrola brand. It is best regarded as a companion for all the Victrola wooden music centers. The oak color is graceful for a bright house. The real wood construction makes it reliable and durable, as well. It is conveniently made spacious to store about 50 vinyl records. It is just too easy to assemble this product without any additional tools. The stand is very much sturdy and allows for effortless movement anywhere. It has a comfortable distance from the floor, which makes it very easy to clean and maintain the floor and the product as well. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Takes up minimal space in any part of the room
  • It can comfortably stand on any type of floor
  • Exactly matches and fits any kind of record players; especially with Victrola Record Player
  • Very convenient to carry and move it to different locations


  • Can have partitions to store more items better compactly

This is easy to assemble, small, and compact product that can fit easily into any of the rooms as desired. As it is made up of real wood, it stands worthwhile for long term usage, say multiple years..!!


  1. Victrola Entertainment Stand with Record Holder Review

Victrola Entertainment Stand

If Music is a passion for you, then record player stands, and turntables are just an ultimate necessity. And products from Victrola Company make it more special with the right combination of craftsmanship and quality for your exclusive needs. You can fix in speakers with a perfect design as you deserve..!!

This product is uniquely designed with a small horizontal partition on top. The Espresso color and texture make it look magnificently over all the furniture present in any bright colored house. It can easily fit Victrola music centers and gives the rich experience that it deserves. On the record store shelves and between the metal dividers, it can host 130 vinyl records conveniently. It does not have a metal stand; hence, damaging the floor is just out of the question. The product dimensions are fixed at 24.4 x 23 x 17 inches. Item weighs 34.1 pounds, which makes it easy to carry and store elsewhere. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Assembling is just simple, and there are no tools required; it hardly takes 30 seconds
  • Simple and compact product; easy to clean and keep it brand new always
  • Sturdy and supports long term usage
  • Can comfortably place any display items, records or music players


  • Could have been made with better quality wood for extra stability

This can be best described as a conservative product with all the necessary features for a compact storage requirement. It is perfect for simple and elegant looks as well..!!


  1. 2 – Tier Modern Turntable and Record Storage Stand Review

2-Tier Modern Matte Black Lattice Style Metal Turntable and Vinyl Record Storage Organizer Table Stand

MyGift Company is known for their stunning products known for excellent décor either for regular or occasional use. You can use the products for display and decoration purposes or for professional storage requirements at the same time..!! High quality and innovation at reasonable prices make it go special in any décor.

This is a perfect 2 – Tier entertainment center stand. The topmost tier has a lattice design tabletop. It is a reliable choice to use it for your turntable, speakers, record players, and any other heavy display items. It has two curved handles for lifting it easily and transporting elsewhere. It adds to a modern appeal to your house due to its metal construction with a matte black color finish. Approximate dimensions are as follows 22.75 H × 26.0 W × 11.0 D. It is extremely light in weight and weighs close to 5.86 pounds. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Single stand with 2 tiers for simultaneous multi-purpose; turntable and record stand
  • Easily portable product due to extreme lightweight
  • 16 slots available to organize your records neat and tidy
  • Sturdy and dust-free product that looks new even over many years


  • Slightly difficult to assemble the product

This product is certainly worth the money spent. It is lightweight, serves a dual purpose, and extremely handy. The simple and elegant design makes it appear better and stays sturdy at the same time..!!


  1. Crosley Furniture Everett Mid – Century Modern Record Player Stand Review

Crosley Furniture Everett Mid-Century Modern Record Player Stand

Crosley Furniture is renowned for its Media Stands. This is acknowledged because of its classic design and enhanced high tech convenience. It is also known for its metal accents genuine in nature and unadorned lines for simplistic outlook. Craftsmanship at heightened quality stands durable for many years.

Record Player Stands of this kind are known for their companionship with obvious turntables. However, the design goes back to the mid-century in its classic style. There is a complete and full overlay door provided for safety and securely preserving your valuable items. It is provided with a convenient handle to open and close it without any difficulty. It is made up of Mahogany and so looks elegant and stays strong as well. It can be placed on any type of floors, and it is not found to damage the tile or wood at any cost. The dimensions are as follows; 20.9 x 16.7 x 33.9 inches. The product weighs 45.2 pounds. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Finished top is perfect for accommodating any component style record players
  • Wire dividers are present inside to organize your records neatly and as desired
  • It can conveniently hold 75 albums at a stretch
  • Cost-effective and affordable product


  • This product is slightly heavy compared to other similar products, making it difficult to carry it around.

This hand-rubbed mahogany finish product is a classic design of mid-century for modern turntable and record stand purposes..!!


  1. Darla’ Studio 66 Turntable Stand Review

Darla'Studio 66 Turntable Stand

Swayed from the magnificence of Michigan, Darla’ Studio 66 is known for its unique features. The products designed from this company are known for its hand-built and hand – stained features. They have a special consideration towards the local community as they procure all the products for the manufacture from them only. It has 25 years of rich experience in this field and known for its durability..!!

This specific product is just unique with a beautiful and a medium brown stain. It stands unique and elegant for a simplistic décor and goes well with any wooden furniture in your drawing room. It is 27″ tall x 19-3/4″ wide x 15-1/4″ deep. It is portioned into two shelves. Each shelf can hold up to 60 vinyl records very conveniently. It weighs 20 pounds that make it easy to carry it to different locations. The product comes fully assembled and does not require any special tools for fitting it right. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • The shelves are solid and very strong
  • Records or albums can be organized straight and neat
  • Handmade product, yet a perfect and elegant finish
  • Albums can be easily accessed as the partitions are very spacious


  • Style, looks, and craftsmanship can be made better

This product is moderate in weight, unique in its handmade features, and convenient for storing records for easy access. More than looks, this product certainly serves the purpose of extensive storage..!!


  1. Crosley Furniture Brooklyn Turntable Stand Review

Crosley Furniture Brooklyn Turntable Stand

Crosley is known for its magnificence in the product quality and outlook at the same time. Its living room furniture collection is simply best, comfortable, and tidy. It employs modern technology for all the TV stands, media centers, and coral cords as well.

This product has a peculiar and unique design. It is natural in texture and comes in a genuine form for a reliable use long term. It is partitioned into two portions, which are at two different levels. It looks different and stylish. It is a perfect décor element for your apartment. It is rightly designed to hold component style turntables in the most convenient manner. It is constructed from solid hardwood and veneers rubbed to an amazing antique framework. It is found to last for a long period of time, definitely..!! The product dimensions are as follows; 47 x 21 x 24 inches, and it weighs 87 pounds. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Best companion to Crosley’s component table; custom-designed for record player
  • Very easy to assemble and does not take much effort too
  • The two-position top shelf is adjustable for convenience
  • There is a handy bin for storing vinyl favorites


  • Heavier in weight making it extremely difficult to carry and change its position often

This uniquely designed product is a perfect choice for keeping your record player organized. If you are a hardcore fan of Crosley’s products, then you will love the 3D logo placed right at the center.


  1. Vinyl Record End Table Review

Vinyl Record end Table

If you are an ardent music fan and you keep collecting different types of records, albums, audio or video cassettes, then this can just be your ideal choice. It is handcrafted for your storage needs for a simplistic yet convenient and compact storage well defined.

This multipurpose product with a partitioned design is simple; however, stands very useful for the so-called music lovers/ collectors..!! There is a flip through a section that is reserved for items that are accessed and pulled often for usage. You can order for your customized designs, especially varying in dimensions as desired. It is made from rich quality pine, poplar, and oak for extreme durability. It is a fully assembled product that requires no specific assistance or tools to get it ready. The paint based stain finish gives it a unique outlook. The partition stands as a protection to all your items stored and organized. << Check it out on Amazon! >>


  • Simple, compact and sturdy product for a reliable usage
  • Easy to clean and maintain it long term; does not get affected much as it is natural and handmade
  • A perfect way to display your items and easily access it as well


  • Does not have leg support at the bottom making it difficult to carry it around

This product is very small to make and does not consume more space. It is customizable for your convenience requirement, as well..!!



Of all the products mentioned, two products require a special mention. Firstly, the 2 – Tier Modern Turntable and Record Storage Stand. It can be used as a turntable, and a record stand as well. It has a unique handle design making it easy to be moved elsewhere. It is light in weight and has a matte black finish for outstanding looks. Secondly, it is the Victrola Entertainment Stand with Record Holder. It is a simple and compact product with a small partition at the top for storage purposes. At the bottom, it can store around 130 vinyl records, as well. Every product is unique and useful in its own ways. Choose the right product according to your needs and then ensure it goes well with your home décor as well..!!