The best turntable under $300 in 2020

Here is our guide for those who are looking for the best turntable under 300 dollars. Read on…

Serious audiophiles swear by the purity of sound that comes from a vinyl record. When is no object, turntable enthusiasts can spend thousands of dollars on their equipment. If you’re not one to plunk down that kind of but still want the vinyl sound, what’s the best turntable under $300?

You don’t have to spend a fortune for quality sound. The best record player under $300 may sound as good to you as a $2,000 turntable sounds to the guy who just had to have it. When choosing a new turntable you should think about how often you’ll use it, what you’ll use it for and where it will be used.

Do you need a portable turntable?

Do you want to transfer vinyl to digital format? Will it connect to my current stereo receiver and will it fit in the entertainment center? There are high-quality options among the best turntables under $300. Here are four of them that customers love.

The Denon DP-300F Belt Drive is a fully automatic analog turntable without too many bells and whistles that Denon-DP-300Fwill please the audiophile who likes to keep things simple. It plays at either 45 or 33-1/3 rpm and features a built-in phono equalizer to connect to an integrated amp or a receiver that doesn’t have a phono input. Auto startup means the tonearm moves itself and plays at the touch of a button then returns to its armrest when the record ends. There’s no USB for transferring records to digital.

Pioneer P30

Pioneer’s PL30 Audiophile Turntable is another option. The Pioneer name is a reliable standby in the electronics department, so it’s only fitting that this model makes the list. The PL30 plays both 45s and LPs at the touch of a button. The tonearm starts automatically and returns to the armrest when the record ends. Also, you can manually place the tonearm onto the record to play a particular song. There’s a built-in pre-amp but the record player does not have a USB port for digitizing your collection. It does, however, deliver great sound and that’s why it’s one of the best turntables under $300.

Stanton’s T.92 USB Direct Drive Turntable is the first on this list to feature the digitizing function. Through its USB port, users can transfer their vinyl collections into their digital libraries. Music editinStanton t92g software is included. The Stanton iss lightweight and sturdy for easy portability and starts playing within a second of loading a disc. The needle cartridge is Stanton’s 500.v3, a standard in the industry for exceptional sound. The only drawback is the cloth dust cover. Hard plastic covers are highly preferred and offer much better protection for the whole turntable.

Reloop offers up its RP-2000 DJ Turntable in the best record player under $300 category. The Reloop brand Reloopwas created by young music experts and this turntable is an affordable, efficient model for disc jockeys as well as home listeners. It’s a tough turntable, with extra heavy construction and features a statically balance S-shaped arm for sharp music production as well as an electronic motor brake. It’s starts and stops playing automatically or the needle can be placed manually onto the record when you want to listen to tracks out of order. The drawback is the lack of digitizing features, but all the other features make up for that.

Last, but certainly not least, is the Audio Technica AT-LP120 USB Direct-Drive Professional Turntable. Connect easily to your Mac or PC to transfer vinyl to digital format with the included Audacity software. audiotechnica-ATLP120It plays at 45, 331/3 and 78 rpm and can do so forward or in reverse. (Does anybody own 78s anymore?) The Audio Technica features a direct-drive torque motor and a balance tonearm for precise reproduction. The platter, where the record sits, is made of quality die-cast aluminum. There’s also a cable included for connecting the turntable to your stereo or powered speakers. It has a built-in preamp with line-level RCA output cables and a high-tech silver finish. The model has many features that disc jockeys prefer but maybe more than a less technically savvy home listener will need. The features are there if you decide to moonlight on the club scene.