The conundrum of buying a new turntable

Whatever one might say about Turntables, he or she first has to understand that; it is still there and people still love it. This is why; there are still many users (and potential buyers) of this vinyl record playing machines. And, when you are in the market, looking for a new turntable, you always would like to purchase the best. But, there is huge debate, whether to go for automatic the one or a manual one?

Going for the futuristic automatic option:

Now, as you are looking for turntables, the first thing that you should remember is; whether you want a new or an old antique one. If you are buying a new one, well then you have to decide between automatic turntables and manual ones. As, both of them have their own benefits. But, automatic ones are very easy to use; in fact, go for it, if you are going to use a turntable for the first time.

And, also, if you are not into manual labor much, then it is better to go for the automatic one. Also, the automatic turntables have many jacks and aids which will help you to hook up the player at various places.

But, what about the old ones, that is the manual ones?

There is an old saying that; the manual turntables for listening to records are the best turntables ever made. But, ultimately it is up to your choice and taste. In fact, if you are a fan of placing the tone arm with your hands, then go for the manual one. And, also, these manual turntables are very authentic looking thanks to its self-cuing feature; hence the whole experience is quite different from the automatic one.

The decision is yours to make:

As, portrayed above, both the manual and the automatic turntables have benefits and strong points, hence it is actually up to you to decide which one you might like to use. But, knowing the benefits might just make your mind.