What’s the Difference Between a Record Player and a Turntable?

Truntable vs Record Player

A lot of people think that record players and turntables are the same things. In other words, they believe that both terms are basically interchangeable. However, these people are incorrect.

There is a difference between a record player and a turntable and we’re here to tell you what both of these common terms actually mean. First, let’s define what a turntable is…

What Is a Turntable?

A turntable is a relatively simple device, in that it doesn’t come with added features, such as amplifiers or speakers. The types of devices that people tote along with them are generally turntables, rather than record players.

A turntable is designed with a space called a platter, which is where records are placed. In addition, a turntable will come with a pickup device which is composed of a cartridge and a stylus. This pickup device will touch the grooves of records and carry a minor electronic signal to a preamplifier. Sounds from a turntable will need to be processed through headphones or speakers.

Very elaborate and costly turntables may not be as portable due to their extra features. These designs are less portable because they require additional assembly/set-up time.

What is a Record Player?

A record does typically have speakers and an amplifier. So, this type of device is more elaborate than a record player. When you choose a record player, you’ll access built-in features which make it easier to play records. However, your record player will not be very portable, as it will be heavier and harder to tote along with you.

A record player will also probably be more expensive, although the brand that you choose will factor into the price. If you want the convenience of a built-in amp and speakers, you’ll find that investing in a record player, rather than a turntable, makes a lot of sense.

Which Style is Right for You?

As you can see, both styles have their pros and cons. Some people handle this by purchasing one of each! If you want to shop for record players online, you’ll find that there are a world of choices out there…right at your fingertips!

The best way to streamline the comparison-shopping process is by using the right search terms in Google. Making longer search phrases will help. For example, if you want a new turntable, use “new turntable” as your keyword, instead of just “turntable”. In addition, specify record player or turntable in your search term…now that you know the difference, you’ll be able to decide which one you really want.

Many manufacturers produce these designs and it’s always wise to check out the reputations of manufacturers before investing in a record player or turntable from that maker. Another tip is to look at product reviews. There are tons of reviews out there and it’s possible to find out a lot of valuable information about specific models by reading the customer reviews which are posted online. So, we definitely recommend checking reviews before placing an order for a record player or turntable.